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J.W. Quackenbush, Eugene

ABERDEEN, Wa. Kaufman Bros. "The equipment includes an up-to-date trolley cash and wrapping system." Aberdeen Herald, 9 Dec. 1905, p. 7

ABERDEEN, Wa. Geo. J. Wolffs. "Now the merry rattle of the Lamson cash system has resumed operations. Now there will be no delay." Aberdeen Herald, 1 Sep. 1910, p. 2

ANACONDA, Mont. (?) Yegen Bros."A burgular broke into the store of Yegen Bros. last night. The thief or thieves committed several dastardly acts of vandalism in addition to robbing the store, one of which was to cut the wires of the improved cash carrier, which had recently been installed in all of the firm's retail stores and bank. The system is operated by means of an electric motor and is one of the best in the state. The damage wrought was considerable, as it will require an expert to repair it." Anaconda Standard, 24 Sep. 1903, p.1

BOISE, Id. Pioneer Company (formerly Pioneer Tent and Awning Company). The new establishemt in May 1910 had a cash carrier, which was still in use in 1975. A tug on the rope was needed to send the carriage to the cashier and it returned by gravity. This England, Summer 1975

BOZEMAN, Mont. Wilson & Co. "The equipments of this immense store are first-class, labor saving devises, such as cash railways, &c., are to be seen upon every hand." Bozeman Weekly Chronicle, 7 Oct. 1885, p. 3

CALDWELL, Id. Montie B. Gwinn has put a system of cash railways in his store, which saves the boys many weary steps and also serves to astonish the natives. He has four wire tracks starting from as many points of his immense store room, and all centering at the cashier's desk. On each track is a little tin box, which flies from one end to the other with lightning rapidity by simply manipulating a lever at either end... This is the first thing of the kind in the territory." Caldwell Tribune, 5 Oct. 1889, p. 3

COLVILLE, Wa. Barmans. "The Barmans, Inc., are increasing their cash carrier system to nearly double its present capacity. They are also installing in the grocery department a vacuum tube system which is said to render the fastest service known in cash carrying." Colville Examiner, 27 Aug. 1910, p. 5

DEER PARK, Wa. Olsen. "In 1908 Louis Olsen soon built the hotel building. He occupied the lower floor where his mercantile store employed 8 people. Even though the store had no electric lights the store had a cash carrier to transport the money up to he office." Deer Park Past and Present has photograph of the exterior.

starEUGENE, Or. J.W. Quackenbush & Son. Opened in 1903 and operated at least until Mrs Quackenbush died in 1972. Now divided into Ambrosia Restaurant, second-hand bookshop and other businesses. Air-Line system (?). Photographs

EVANSTON, Wy. Blyth & Fargo. Wire system. See Reminiscences

HAMILTON, Mont. Valley Mercantile Co. "The Lamson Store Service company of Seattle is installing a trolley cash system in the Valley Mercantile company store that will make the place more metropolitan than ever." Daily Missoulian, 1 Dec. 1912, p. 3

HAVRE, Mont. H.A.Buttrey, dept. store. "How proud they were of their Mother who sat in an open office, a floor above the customers! They loved to watch the little baskets full of money whiz up to her and watch her place the correct change in the baskets and return them." Irene Kelliher. Jennie McKenzie and family.

HELENA, Mont. J.C.Penney. 304-306 North Main Street. Opened in 1929 - formerly Golden Rule store. Air-Line cash carrier. Photographs of exterior, interior and a propulsion at Helena History website

HOOD RIVER, Or. Paris Fair (dept. store), 315 Oak Street. "The Flyer has given us entire satisfaction and we do not hesitate in recommending it to anyone who wants the best." Testimonial in Baldwin advertisement, 1925
• "All the business transactions took place in the cashiers' office located on the Mezzanine level; no money was handled on the floor. The money was put in cash carriers which were then propelled by a spring loaded propulsion device along a wire to the Mezzanine level. The transaction was then completed in the office and then propelled back to the salesperson's station. The propulsion system was called Baldwin Flyer Carriers that brought 'Greater Profits, Reduced Expenses, Efficiency in Business Operation.' The carriers were first patented in Chicago in 1900. This system was later replaced by vacuum tubes into which the carriers were
placed and drawn to the Mezzanine level by a vacuum tube system. There were two stations in the basement, two on the first floor and four on the second floor. These also doubled as baby sitters as children sat for long periods of time watching the propelled carriers fly through the air to the office in the Mezzanine level. The pipes and hardware are still extant in the building." National Register of Historic Places

HOOD RIVER, Or. Up-to-Date store."Mr Cram has introduced another metropolitan feature in his store fixtures by the addition of a cash carrier system, which an expert from San Francisco installed the first of the week. Mr Cram proposes in this way to secure the services of a competent man to take his place at the desk." The store was "one of the largest clothing and dry goods stores in the county." Hood River Glacier 30 Mar. 1905, p.3

starKEMMERER, Wy. J.C.Penney. "The mother store... It was small and still had the mezzanine and vestiges of the vacuum tube system," St Petersburg Times, 24 Apr. 2001
• "The photo is of an antique 'Cash Carrier System' manufactured by the Lamson Company. This particular system is in the original JC Penney store in Kemmerer, Wyoming along with a lot of other interesting historical items." Gary Coles blog, 4/1/10. The photograph shows an Air-Line propulsion and car.

LARAMIE, Wy. W.H.Holliday, South Second Street. “Many modern devices are noticeable here, such as a .. cash carrier system." Laramie Republican, 1901

starLAVINIA, Mont. Slayton Mercantile. "Built in 1912, the store still retains its .. tiny bucket money trolleys which ferried cash and coins in bygone days." It was bought by the Ainslies in 1998 and renovated. Lavinia website

LEAVENWORTH, Wa. Leavenworth Mercantile Co. "Leavenworth Mercantile Co. installs cash carrier system. Manager Sampson called our attention .. to the new LAmson Cash carrier system which his company had installed this week. It is the last thing in cash carriers... It is the first of the kind to be installed in Leavenworth." Leavenworth Echo, 9 Aug. 1912, p.1

LEWISTOWN, Mont. J.C.Penny. "When he started with JC Penney in Lewistown in 1962, "we were still putting items in the pneumatic tube to be taken upstairs and be rung up." Independent Record, 24 Jan. 2005

LEWISTOWN, Mont. Power Mercantile Co. "The new structure occupied by the Power Mercantile Company is one of which a city the size of Lewistown may well be proud... Two stories in height, with a front of 95 feet and a depth of 90 feet... On a landing at a turn in the stair are located the offices of the cashier and the general manager. A complete system of the new 'Air Line Cash Carrier' reaches the cashier's office from all parts of the store." Fergus County Argus, 2 Jul. 1902, p.5

MISSOULA, Mont. Crescent Store. "The Crescent is going to quit... Fixtures for sale... Cash carrier system." Missoulian, 6 Mar. 1913, p. 6

MISSOULA, Mont. Valley Mercantile Co. "The Lamson Store Service company of Seattle is installing a trolley cash system in the Valley Mercantile company store that will make the place more metropolitan than ever. Mr. Jack of Seattle is installing the system." Daily Missoulian, 1 Dec. 1912, p. 3

MOSCOW, Id. Davids (dept store), 3rd and Main Streets. "In my youth [1950s?], I was mesmerized by the pneumatic tubes that took your money, swooshed them up to the cashier's office on the mezzanine, and swooshed your change and receipt back to the cash register." Carl Westberg posting to Vision 2020 list, 11 Aug. 2003

NEWCASTLE, Wy. Weston County Supply Co. [Quoting 4 Jan. 1912] "The work at the Weston County Supply Co. has been greatly facilitated by the installation of a cash carrier system connecting the various departments with the cashier's desk, which has been shifted to the grocery department, and Miss Wickersham is acting as cashier." News Letter Journal (Newcastle, Wyoming), 5 Jan. 2012

OLYMPIA, Wa. George Mottmann, corner of Main and Fourth Streets. Mottman became the owner in 1896 and expanded the building in 1911. It remained open until 1967. "The store was equipped with wire baskets on a wire and pully system which traveled overhead carrying money and receipts between the sales tables and the cashier's desk on the mezzanine... Several generations of Olympia children craned their necks at Mottman's to view with delight the airy flight of the baskets, secretly hoping there would be a collision as the complex tramlines converged on the cashier's booth, which was was always tastefully decorated with a spreadeagled suit of old-fashioned long john underwear." website

PASCO, Wa. General Mercantile Store. "The finest and largest store in the Tri-City region... There was a small balcony constructed high in the rear corner of the store. This supported .. the bookkeeper and cashier's desk, chair and a table from which wires ran to every counter of the store. On these wires hung a small trolley bearing a leather coin container. The clerk at the counter would place the sales slip and payment in the leather container. Then by means of a rubber slingshot, he would shoot the container over the wire to the cahier on the balcony who would make the change, place it in the container that would roll by gravity back over the wire to the sales counter." Tri-City Herald, 8 Jan 1961, p.22

PAYETTE, Id. Department store on Main Street. Wire system. Cashier sat in the balcony. Papa John website

RATHDRUM, Id. Larsen Bros. "have installed an air-line cash carrier in their new store. This is the first improvement of this kind in the Rathdrum stores." Rathdrum Tribune, 12 Jan. 1906, p. 4

ROCK SPRINGS, Wy. J.P. McDermott Co., South Front Street. "The J.P. McDermott company has installed a new cash carrier system." Intermountain and Colorado Catholic, 2 May 1908, p.3

ROCK SPRINGS, Wy. J.C.Penney. "Early photographs show a Lamson system and cashier's booth in place in Mr. Penney's third store in Rock Springs, Wyoming in 1906." The Item (Sumter), 13 Jun. 2002, p. 1B

starROSLYN, Wa. North West Improvement Company (a subsidiary of Northern Pacific Railway). "The N.W.I.Co. store housed several departments from furniture and appliances to clothing, toys and groceries, supplying nearly every commodity a Roslyn citizen could desire. The store used a state-of-the art cash railway system developed in the late 1880s and sold by the Lamson Cash Carrier Company. The detachable wooden cup was propelled by a cable and pulley system that allowed clerks to send cash and receipts from one location in the store to an accountant in a central location."   Now in Roslyn Museum, 203 W. Pennsylvania Ave. Photographs of original location and in museum at Roslyn Museum website. Appears to be Rapid Wire in original and Air-Line system in museum.

SALEM, Or. Barnes Cash Store. "All fixtures for sale. Glass cases, counters, LAmson endless cable cash carrier system with electric motor." Capital Journal (Salem), 15 Mar. 1920, p. 2

SALMON CITY, Id. George H. Monk & Co. "During the past week the George H. Monk Co. have put in their store one of the latest improved Air Line cash carriers. This carrier will reach all the departments and simplify the work of the clerks." Idaho Recorder, 16 Jan. 1908, p. 8

SEATTLE, Wa. Bon Marché, Second and Pike. Basket system. Photographs from Sophie Frye Bass Library on Poised Pen Press website.

SEATTLE, Wa. Rialto, Second Street/Madison Street. "Lamson's electric cable cash carriers, with over sixty stations, will soon be in operation." Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 4 Mar. 1894, p. 10
"Every one of the numerous departments will be connected with a hanging office located on the main, or Second street, floor by a Lamson electric cable cash carrier, where nearly a dozen girls will be kept busy pulling in carriers, making change and sending them back to every one of the four floors." Ibid., 6 Mar. 1894, p. 5

SEATTLE, Wa. Rhodes Bros., 1325 Second Avenue. "10c store opens tomorrow... We have also put in a new cash carrier system." Seattle Star, 5 Jun. 1903, p.5

SEATTLE, Wa. Seattle Hardware Co. Lamson pneumatic tube system. Lamson brochure, 1952

SEDRO-WOOLLEY, Wa. J.C.Penney's, Metcalf Street. Pneumatic tube system. Opened in 1915 and closed in 1983. Building is now Bus Jungquist Furniture. Skagit River Journal website

SIDNEY, Mont. Yellowstone Mercantile Co. Air-Line carrier became operational in 1915. Company went out of business in 2000s. Building is being renovated and small part of system will be retained in public area. Remainder is going to Mondak Heritage Center. Benjamin Clark

SPOKANE, Wa. Pennys. J.C. Penney & Co., Inc., have completed remodeling an attractive four-storey addition to their main Spokane store at W 802 Riverside... A new system of pneumatic tube cash carriers will speed up service throughout the store. Spokane Daily Chronicle, 14 Nov. 1935, p.39

TILLAMOOK, Or. "At the big store in Tillamook my mother flipped through racks of clothes, while I watched the humming cash-tube as it flew backward and forward." Starlite Cafe's Poets Corner

WALLA WALLA, Wa. Skiles Drygoods Company, Second Street. "For the accommodation of its increasing trade the company has just installed Lamson's Air Line Cash Basket system." Evening Statesman (Walla Walla), 24 Aug. 1906, p. 5

WENATCHEE, Wa. Millers (dept. store) 30-34 Wenatchee Ave. "For sale. Lamson cash carrier system. Cord cable type, fully equipped and at present running 8 stations. Includes one-horse power Watson induction motor. Priced for quick disposal at $495 complete." Spokesman Review, 31 Aug. 1944, p.18

YAKIMA, Wa. Bon Marche, Yakima Avenue. "The 'Bon Marche', on Yakima Avenue, opened last week... Fifteen polite, acommodating clerks vie with each other in their attentions to customers, and the up-to-date 'Flyer' cash railway system facilitates business for those who are in a hurry." Yakima Herald, 6 Sep. 1905

YAKIMA, Wa. Cahalan (dry goods and ladies furnishings). "Cahalan's removal sale is the first step toward establishing one of the most up-to-date dry goods stores in the west in this city... One of the latest air line cash carrier systems will be installed." Yakima Herald, 21 Nov. 1906