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AYLESBURY. Longley and Sons (drapers), Market Square. "Messrs. LOngley and Sons .. have introduced into their establishment what is described as 'The cash railway'... A miniature set of overhead lines, running the full length of the counters, conveys the money with cash tickets .. and returns the change in the ball... THe contrivance .. is a novelty in Aylesbury." Bucks Herald, 4 Jun. 1892, p. 5

BLETCHLEY. Co-op. "The culmination of the Bletchley and District Co-operative Society's jubilee celebrations was reached on Saturday, when the new premises were opened in Bletchley Road... A new system of heating .. has been installed, together with a pneumatic cash carrier system." Bucks Herald, 25 Jan. 1935, p.5
• "On purchasing an item, trhe assistant would write your member's number on a check and with the cash it would be placed in a metal tube which travelled along a series of pipes to a secret place, the cash office. To me, it seemed quite magical, for a few minutes later, the tube would whizz back to the assistant with the correct change." Bletchley Community Heritage Initiative website

CHESHAM. Co-op. "I seem to remember that the Co-op had those overhead wires that carried little brass-bound, turned wooden containers full of customers’ payments or returned change.   Operated by a handle pulled down by the sales assistant, it sent the container whizzing across the ceiling to the cashier.   A technically enchanting and overtly benign system that was unlikely to alarm horses or terrify small children – unlike the dreaded Lamsen tube in Tree’s emporium!" Bill Howard on Chesham Museum website

CHESHAM. Trees, Station Road. "Tree’s was equipped with one of those vacuum-pressure Lamsen [sic] tubes into which a sort of ‘mini-torpedo’ containing the customer’s money payment was put, along with the invoice, to be whisked away into the bowels of the establishment for processing.   Shortly afterwards, heralded by a terrifying whooshing, the returning container would crash back into the counter terminal with a mighty bang and jangling of small change.   It used to terrify me but I had to remain glued to my chair as instructed until my mother returned.   In the meantime, each satisfied customer precipitated this terrifying activity with its inevitable, accompanying personal nightmare.  I don’t think I have ever really got over it, as even now the sound of a roaring Lamsen tube, much like the sound of an air-raid siren, still makes my hair stand on end!" Bill Howard on Chesham Museum website

HIGH WYCOMBE. Co-op, High Stret. "The automatic cash service [is] by the Dart Cash Company." Buckinghamshire Examiner, 1 Jul. 1938, p. 10

HIGH WYCOMBE. Murrays, White Hart Street. Pneumatic tube system. Oxford & Chilterns Bus Page

SLOUGH. Draper's shop opposite Crown Hotel. Wire system in early 1960s. Hazel Austin in posting to Royal Windsor Forum, 18/6/10

SLOUGH. Suters, High Street . Pneumatic tube system. Photograph of cash office on Philip Suter website. They also had a store at Uxbridge, Middlesex.