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Harpenden: Anscombes



BARNET. Spencer and Airles, near the bus station. "Spence and Airles .. had one of those overhead money devices that pinged the money in a little canister to the cash kiosk and your change came back the same way in reverse." Barnet - a trip down Memory Lane facebook group, 17/12/04

BISHOPS STORTFORD.  Holland and Barrett. "For an impressionable child there was a fascinating overhead cable operated change machine which involved the counter assistant placing your money and supporting bill into a small container, pulling a wooden handle, and propelling it to a wire cage in another part of the shop. You then took your change from the venerable old trout in the cage who also issued a receipt." Jon Dudley in posting to English Buildings blog, 20/7/12

HARPENDEN. A.Anscombe & Sons, Leyton Road. I visited in September 1977. Rapid Wire system. There were 6 stations - 1 upstairs served by a cash lift. It had been filmed for Anglia TV. "This England", Spring 1975 has photographs of cashier and service point. Also article by Eric Meadows in "Hertfordshire Countryside". The shop closed in 1981. Photograph of a carrier in Evans and Lawson. Photograph of cashier's equipment at St Albans Museum website and Harpenden History website. Exterior at Harpenden History website
Mrs P Hofton of Hatching Green wrote in 1975: 'I never thought of it as unique, but when shopping with my two small grandchildren in Anscombe’s they were fascinated by the money being put in a little box, the handle pulled and the box whizzing along the wire to the cash desk. They were even more excited when the box returned with my change, and would both have spent the morning happily buying one item at a time in order to see the railway working!' Harpenden History website

HERTFORD. Neales Bon Marche. "The old-fashioned overhead wire system". Hertford Museum Newsletter, No. 41, Sept. 2004

LETCHWORTH. Co-op, Letchworth Garden City. "Everything for household convenience is on display in the Co-operative Store in this 1925 interior view. In the centre can be seen the cable and pulley system [i.e. cash ball system] for dispatching cash into the central cash office, a feature affectionately remembered by many older residents." Letchworth Garden City. (Archive Photographs series). Compiled by Mervyn Miller. Stroud: Chalford, 1995, p.57

SAWBRIDGEWORTH. Forest Stores, Knight Street. " The cashier was in a booth, and your payment was sent to her from the shop assistant who would put your payment in a carrier on an overhead wire, pull a handle, and off it went to the cashier. Then your change came back the same way. I'm probably going back 60 years!"  Jennie Toms in Facebook, 5/4/15

starWALTHAM CROSS. Fishpools, 115 High Street. Reported to have pneumatic tube system in 2005. ChristineW in posting to Daily Mail chat, 17/7/05

WATFORD. Cawdells, High Street. Pneumatic tube system. Watford Observer website

WATFORD. Clements. "Required at once, for a large drapery house .. cashier, accustomed to Lamson Pneumatic Tubes." Leeds Mercury, 14 Mar. 1936, p. 2

star indicates systems which are still there (as far as I know) though they may not be working.